PhotoMagic Studio is a Nairobi videography and photography firm that offers a wide range of services and products to businesses, corporate organizations, government institutions, NGOs, families and individuals.

Our services include commercial shoots, documentaries,corporate profiles, advertising, weddings, event coverage, studio family photography among others.

Beyond the above, we have specialized photography products such as frames, mounts and canvases, photo albums (book­bound photobooks), murals, personalized photo gifts, photo slideshows and many others.

Video + Photo

We specialize in still and motion pictures for a broad spectrum of needs, all supported in-house by a dedicated team of professionals

Photomagic School

The best practical training in hands-on photography, our school has a regular and a special program for individuals and organizations.

Prints, Books and Frames

Package your photos for a lifetime, make special gifts and appreciate photographic art through prints and special products

Photomagic Models

Get the best models for business advertising from a very wide range of models across all ages and talents.